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Welcome To For Sale By Dealers

This website provides dealers and buyers with the ultimate resource when it comes to shopping for and purchasing an automobile. Whether it is your local dealership or one two states away, we help customers look for their dream car across hundreds of dealerships nationwide.

Shop Without Any Hassle

Shop Without Any Hassle

There are no forms to fill out and no personal information to have to exchange, shop for cars on our directory of dealerships across the United States. That’s it, and that’s all, plain and simple.

No Intermediaries

No Intermediaries

Unlike other classified sites For Sale By has no middlemen. It just offers a direct connection between the public and dealerships. No strings attached, just a way to connect the two parties for an incredible online car shopping experience.

Grow Their Business

A Great Way for Dealerships to Grow Their Business

This website helps dealerships grow their first-generation leads. Many dealerships rely on third-party leads, which only have a closing rate of 4-7%. First-generation leads have a closing rate of 25-40%, and the growth of those types of leads will help grow sales and your business.

Find What You're Looking For

Find What You're Looking For

We give you access to our directory of hundreds of dealerships across the country so you can find the vehicle you’re looking for. Dozens of makes, models, and types of cars. Used, certified pre-owned, and new automobiles, a vast selection so you can locate the vehicle of your dreams.

This Website Is A Tool for Dealerships As Much As It Is for Buyers

Watch Your Business Grow

Register With Us, Watch Your Business Grow

For Sale By helps registered dealerships deal directly with the public and grow their first-generation leads. Those leads have incredible closing rates and can boost sales. Register your dealership with us and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

no middleman

Deal With the Public, Not a Middleman

Unlike with other classified websites, For Sale By does not make you have to deal with an intermediary between your business and the public. Your inventory is the star of the show, and your business can rely solely on building a direct relationship with consumers.

let the consumer come to you

Let The Consumer Come to You

Registering your business with our website not only allows your store to deal directly with the consumer and grow sales, but it also will enable consumers to find you and see what your inventory is. That means the public comes to you and knows how to find you and connect with you.

Select The Type of Automobile You Desire

Pick which type of vehicle you want to drive and start shopping!

Let For Sale By Be Your Guide

This website can prove to be a fantastic tool for dealers and buyers, let us be your guide to an incredible car shopping experience.

skip the middleman

Skip The Middleman

This is not like other classified sites. There are no middlemen, just a way for buyers and dealerships to connect directly.

grow your business

Watch Your Sales Grow!

Register your dealership with For Sale By and watch as we help increase your first-generation leads, and most importantly, your sales!

skip the middleman

No Hassles, Just An Easy Shopping Experience

There are no forms to fill out and no sensitive information to exchange; just an easy way for car shoppers to find the vehicle of their dreams via our directory of hundreds of dealerships across the United States. Vast selections at your fingertips, start shopping with us right now!

grow your business

Let Your Inventory Shine

Dealerships registered to our website have the luxury of not only connecting directly with the public and having their business be much easier to locate, but they also can let their inventory be the star. Show off your impressive array of vehicles and let that collection grow your business, increase your sales on the merit of your stock by registering your store with us today!